Development Targets

We feel children learn most effectively through play and repetition, and have developed our curriculum around this concept of active learning.

2 year old developmental targets:

  • Self select play activities to support own curiosity and engage in pretend and imaginative play
  • Identify a problem and try to solve it
  • Play with a favorite toy, repeating actions over and over
  • Show an emerging sense of self
  • Play beside other children for several minutes, respond to other children’s feelings
  • Understand questions, simple directions, beginning concepts and the ideas and sequence of stories
  • Produce speech that is increasingly understandable by most familiar adults
  • Begin to understand the connection between books and personal experiences
  • Use a variety of writing tools to make scribbles
  • Begin to count by rote
  • Build knowledge of world through observation of surroundings
  • Show need for familiar adult’s approval.
  • Enjoy moving to and singing to music.
  • Show coordination skills while moving around and engaging in play activities.
  • Demonstrate eye-hand coordination while manipulating and exploring objects

3 year old developmental targets

  • Demonstrate ability to act out more complex pretend play scenarios.
  • Work at a task or activity for longer periods of time.
  • Verbalize feelings, needs and wants.
  • Begin to demonstrate an understanding of social expectations.
  • Show increasing willingness to work out problems with peers.
  • Show awareness that print conveys a message, that print is read rather than pictures
  • Attempt to “write” own name
  • Explores and begins to sort and classify objects.
  • Begin to demonstrate understanding of time, length, weight, capacity and temperature
  • Build understanding of reasoning skill and imagination when planning ways to make things happen
  • Understand sequencing and time in relation to daily routines.
  • Observe, predict, and solve problems based on prior knowledge and experiences and describe how

4 – 5 year old developmental targets

  • Actively engage in play as means of exploration & learning
  • Actively engage in problem solving
  • Demonstrate Persistence
  • develop positive relationships with peers
  • Understand and follow rules and routines
  • Phonics and Word Recognition
  • Demonstrate the ability to recall information for short periods of time and retell, act out, or represent information from a familiar text read aloud,
  • Count, Compare numbers, addition and subtraction
  • Demonstrate awareness of different cultures
  • Ask questions & make predictions
  • Create artistic works with intent and purpose
  • Engage in music activities
  • Demonstrate awareness of spatial boundaries
  • Demonstrate coordination and control of large muscles
  • Demonstrate eye-hand coordination and dexterity needed to manipulate objects